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Reading Range 12 ft (3.65 m)
Material High-strength, lightweight aluminum with black finish
Dimensions Beamsplitter glass: 8 x 12" (20.3 x 30.5 cm)
Weight Approx. 11 lb (5 kg)
The Telmax Galaxy Series Pro iP Ex iPad Teleprompter is a small and lightweight prosumer prompter with a 12 ft reading range. The prompter is based on Telmax's Galaxy Series Extreme teleprompter line. The outstanding differences are that instead of an LCD monitor, Pro iP Ex comes with a two-sled placeholder for an iPad and iPad 2. And instead of ZaPrompt software, Pro iP Ex works with any of the various prompter apps affordably available at the Apple app store.

A unique mount system that allows you to attach a tripod underneath the full length of the prompter assembly. As a result, the prompter can be tilted forward or back to match the weight of a camera. No counterweights will thus be necessary and your camera can be any size from the lightest to the heaviest, and it can be freely panned and tilted as if nothing is attached to it. The mount system affords an easy fit and simple setup on any tripod that can handle the weight of the prompter and camera. The total weight of the prompter and its accessories is approximately 11 lb.

The beamsplitter glass is designed in a trapezoidal shape to allow better viewing of scrolling text from an angle. The glass measures 8 x 12" and has a 70/30 transmission/reflection ratio. 70/30 is notably more effective than the usual 60/40. The back of the glass housing has a 4" circular cutout for a lens to fit into. Most lenses are size-compatible.

Setup is simple as the prompter has no monitor cables and sets up virtually without tools. It just as easily comes apart and folds flat for storage and transportation.

Small and lightweight prosumer prompter
Works with most cameras, lenses and tripods
8 x 12", 70/30 trapezoidal-shaped beamsplitter glass allows better viewing from an angle
12 ft reading range
Two-sled placeholder for an iPad and iPad 2
Folds flat for storage and transportation
Weighs approximately 11 lb
São Paulo
Vila Leopoldina

Rio de Janeiro
Barra da Tijuca

tel. +55 11 99723-7850