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The ikan ELE-MS-S Monitor Support helps you get a grip on your monitoring needs. It features durable and comfortable rubber grips. The rig is machined from aluminum. It includes D-Ring Screw, ELE-90-M Right Angle Mount, ELE-BXB Bottom Piece for the Monitor, ELE-BXT Top Piece for the Monitor, ELE-HB160-RG Handle Bar, and ELE-HDLE Handle Arm.

The ELE-90-M Right Angle Mount allows you to mount any 2 ikan elements components at right angles to each other. It features several 4mm threaded and unthreaded holes. The holes are spaced to accommodate 62mm battery mounting systems and are compatible with ikan’s Cheese Stick (Jr. and Sr.), Cheese Plates (single and double), Universal Pad & Cheese Plate, 15mm Rod Mount, 15mm Quick Release Rod Mount, and Elements Handle Arm.

The ELE-HDLE Handle Arm is used in conjunction with a cheese stick, cheese plate, right angle adapter, or grip handles, and can serve just about any mounting needs that you may have.

ELE-MS-S Monitor Support
Hold your monitor more securely
Mounting holes for receivers or other accessories
Durable and comfortable rubber grips
Made of strong yet lightweight aluminum
ELE-90-M Right Angle Mount
Anodized black, machined aluminum
Completely modular
ELE-HDLE Handle Arm
Anodized black, machined aluminum
Completely modular
São Paulo
Vila Leopoldina

Rio de Janeiro
Barra da Tijuca

tel. +55 11 99723-7850